RealManage Resident Portal

Members of Glenwood HOA have access to the RealManage Resident Portal, where a wealth of association and individual account information is at your fingertips:

  • view association legal documents, deed restrictions, policies, etc.
  • obtain account information and payment history
  • make a one-time payment or set up automatic recurring payments
  • anonymously report deed restriction violations
  • report common area maintenance issues
  • find copies of letters you have received
  • access general information and notices concerning your homeowners association
  • and much more!

To log onto the Resident Portal, please visit and click on the “Resident Portal” link on the home page. First time visitors will need to register, which just takes a few moments. Should you have any questions or encounter any difficulties, please contact a Resident Advisor at 1-866-473-2573 or via e-mail at We strive to return all calls and e-mails within 24 business hours.

Collection Efforts

RealManage has a full-time Collections staff in place to address collections. Their sole responsibility lies in monitoring and processing assessment billing and collection, assisting the Association’s attorney with Notice of Lien filing, and negotiating payment arrangements in accordance with the HOA’s Collection Policy. The Collection Department sends monthly notices to any past due homeowner until the account reaches 120 days delinquency. In addition, owners with a past due balance will have their amenity privileges suspended until the account is brought current.

Pursuant to the Glenwood Collection Policy, the account can be referred to the HOA’s attorney for legal collection efforts and/or litigation. A homeowner’s account will be assessed any fees incurred by the association’s attorney while pursuing collection on a delinquent account. Homeowners who are having financial difficulties are encouraged to contact RealManage at 1-866-473-2573 or at

Thank you to those who have been able to bring their accounts current and those who continue to pay their assessments timely.

If you are struggling to pay your assessments, please avoid compounding the issue by adding costly legal fees or having your credit rating negatively impacted. The Board is willing to work with all owners who are willing to make an effort to bring their accounts current; they just need you to contact them and make a request. Please contact the Board via RealManage at 1-866-473-2573 or at to notify them of your situation and payment options. Collection costs associated with attorney referrals are expensive to both the Association and homeowner, and can be avoided by open communication with your Board of Directors.

ACH Program

As an added convenience to our communities, RealManage offers an ACH (Automatic Clearing House) program that can save you money and headaches, and it is free! The ACH payment method is one of the most cost-efficient and reliable methods of making assessment payments to your HOA. Once you are signed up, your regular homeowners association payments will be automatically deducted from your bank account every billing period. The ACH service provides you with several significant benefits:

  • Interest free financing of the annual assessment charge
  • No charge for the ACH service
  • Saves you the cost of stamps and paper checks
  • Never worry again about receiving late fees due to lost payments, or payments you forgot to send in during a particularly hectic time, an illness or vacation, etc.
  • Get instant access to payment history via the Resident Portal
  • he ACH system automatically adjusts for credits and assessment increases from one year to the next
  • Research has shown that the more residents who participate in ACH, the lower the delinquency rate at a community becomes

You can enroll in the ACH program at in the “Resident Portal.” If you own more than one property in Glenwood, you must enroll each account in the ACH program individually.

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