Community Committees

Community Committees – coming soon!

General Description Of Committees

1) Yard of the Month:  Volunteers drive around and pick out potential winners each month based on the committee’s criteria (some communities have a high end winner and a basic clean lawn, others have a winner and a most improved lawn), they check with our office to ensure the potential owners are eligible to win (they are current on their dues and they do not have any deed restriction violations currently) and then they can be awarded their prize (the same home should not win again for a certain period of time)
2) The Architectural Committee is more official and is dictated to an extent from the governing documents.  They review plans submitted and provide a reply within 30 days as to whether or not the modification is approved.  They base their decision on whether modifications are in harmony with the rest of the community and whether or not they will have a negative affect on any neighbors or the community in general.
3) Pool Committee: The pool committee can work as monitors, ensuring each group entering has a valid pool card, is not exceeding the number of guests allowed, is not breaking pool rules by bringing in alcohol, a dog, etc. and that all minors are with an adult. The pool committee can also patrol the area to ensure everything is in good working order, and report any issues to our office.  The Pool Committee can also be trained on how to access footage from the surveillance system in cases of vandalism or other matters where the footage would be helpful.  Some pool committees put on a pool party for the community.  If that is of interest, plans would first need to be approved by the Board.
4) National Night Out would usually be an extension of the Neighborhood Watch Committee.  The first step to get this committee started would be to contact the Hutto Police Dept (The National Neighborhood Watch can also be contacted for materials and to ensure proper signage is present in the community).  From there, the committee can decide if they will do patrols or just provide helpful information to the community.  They can plan a National Night Out or Texas Night Out function and submit plans to the Board for review and consideration.  For instance, if they want to purchase food, prizes, Neighborhood Watch materials, etc.. a proposed budget can be submitted to the Board and if approved, funds provided to the Committee Chair to make purchases and then receipts would be sent in for the HOA records (reimbursement forms are also available for any purchases that were made in advance).

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